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Launch of Website


Eddie O'Sullivan, Coach of the Irish Rugby Team, will launch www.worklifebalance.ie on the 24th September 2004 in the Newpark Hotel Kilkenny. Mr O'Sullivan is the key note speaker at a seminar on Work Life Balance for business leaders / trade union officials in the South East. The seminar will be hosted by the National Framework Committee for Work Life Balance Policies.

The revamped website will contain a number of new features, including, specific links for employers, employees and Trade Unions. These links will be updated on a regular basis.

The website will contain information on work life balance in Ireland which will assist organisations and Trade Unions who are considering introducing or enhancing existing work life balance arrangements and individuals who are trying to create a better balance in their lives.


Practical assistance will also be available via the Workplace Tools link. Information on statutory rights and entitlements can be found in the Legislation section and information on non-statutory working arrangements is available in the Work Arrangements section.