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An Garda Síochána

Title: Family Friendly / Work Life Balance in An Garda Síochána

Location: nationwide

Funding: €22,870.83

Development of a training programme to promote the implementation of existing work life balance policies within the organisation. To be achieved through the hosting of a training seminar on balancing work and family life, aimed at middle management (Sergeants and Inspectors), the evaluation of this seminar and a resulting training package developed for dissemination throughout the organisation on In-service days.

Number of employees:

  Total Male Female
Employed 11,828 10,288 1,540
Participated* 60 39 21

*This is the breakdown of those that attended the initial conference. Other employees of the Garda Síochána will have an opportunity to avail of the course at a later stage. Staff who report to the middle management targeted in the initial conference should benefit from their increased awareness of work life balance issues.


  • Seminar successfully held - all participants agreed that training was required in the area and the majority (98%) that their knowledge of family friendly / work life balance issues had improved as a result of the seminar. Knowledge had also improved significantly on equality and discrimination issues, stress management, impacts of shiftwork and addiction issues. Participants also commented that the programme had allowed them to develop contacts with others in the area of family friendly /work life balance.
  • Development of a training package that includes An Garda Síochána policy on:

  • 1. Equality, Bullying, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Grievance Procedure
    2. Booklet on Addiction Awareness
    3. Booklet on Balancing Career & Family Life in An Garda Síochána
    4. Video on discrimination
    5. Handout on Stress Management