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Read the latest research on Work Life Balance in Ireland "Off the Treadmill - Achieving Work Life Balance"

The Equality Authority commissioned an inventory of publications which provides a representative selection of the published material currently available in relation to family-friendly work arrangements/work-life balance. The objective is to encourage a wider understanding of the issue and to identify the trends in the publications and the gaps in the research in this area.

The approach adopted was to select material from those countries where the experience of family-friendly work arrangements is of most relevance to the Irish situation. Those included are Ireland, the UK, the EU and a number from countries such as the US and Australia. The focus is on English-language publications produced from 1990 to 2000 and preference has been given to publications that are comparatively easy to obtain. Details of relevant websites and journals are also provided.

Key To Categories

The Inventory listings are divided into eight columns, which identify the publication, by number, title, author, date of publication, publisher, ISBN or reference number, a short summary of the material and a category designation. The categories are:

A. Family Friendly/Worklife balance arrangements.
B. Flexibility and working time arrangements.
C. Care of dependants.
D. Other relevant aspects.

The catalogue is available for searching or browsing.

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