Looks like Santa will be extra busy bringing LEGO, NERF, PJ Masks and Paw Patrol toys on Christmas night!

Top Toy Predictions In Ireland For Christmas 2017

FurReal Roarin’ Tyler The Playful Tiger

FurReal Roarin’ Tyler the Playful Tiger is always ready for fun and play. Tyler’s favourite way to play is to ROAR! It’s fun to imagine that this handsome cub is trying to sound like a full-grown wild cat.

RRP : €154.99


LEGO Ninjago Movie Destiny’s Bounty

Build the incredible LEGO Ninjago Movie Destiny’s Bounty 70618! This highly detailed model of wise Master Wu’s flying ninja training base has everything you need to get your ninjas ready for battle.

Wind up the anchor and let the wind fill the decorated sails to set off on exciting Ninjago adventures! Train Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Nya, Jay and Cole in the dojo featuring a scroll, training dummy and 3 training weapons. The LEGO Ninjago Movie Destiny’s Bounty 70618 model has 3 modular levels with movie-inspired details such as an awesome double- headed dragon figurehead, a sky pirate’s skull handle and a chain of lanterns. Discover a cache of hidden ninja weapons under the deck. Uncover golden sais, silver and golden katanas, a crossbow, black stone warrior sword, 2 golden shurikens and an Aeroblade with golden blades, as well as the ultimate weapon: the laser-style pointer.

The hull features a bathroom and Wu’s bedroom with a bed for a minifigure. Navigate with the telescopes, a sextant and a map of the Ninjago world. Have your ninjas fish for dinner with the included fishing rods, keep the Destiny’s Bounty shipshape with a broom and shovel, and wonder at Master Wu’s collection of armour.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie Destiny’s Bounty 70618 set features 3 modular levels (top deck, Wu’s dojo and mid-deck/hull), a figurehead, 3 sails, 2 wind-up-and-release anchors, 2 barrels and 3 crates, Wu’s bedroom and a bathroom in the hull, plus a dojo. Includes Wu, Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Nya, Jay and Cole minifigures, plus lots of weapons and accessories for epic role-play adventures in the world of Ninjago.

RRP : €110.99

PJ Masks Deluxe Talking Figure 4-Pack

Night time is the right time to fight crime with the PJ Masks Deluxe Talking Figure Set! This super awesome set features Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, and Romeo as 15cm talking figures! Press the characters’ amulets to hear them say iconic phrases from the show! Each figure is poseable so you can move them into dynamic action poses and recreate your favourite scenes from the show!

RRP :€54.99

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller

Trouble is on the horizon at Adventure Beach! Help Ryder save the Baby Octopus by jumping aboard the PAW Patrol Sea Patroller.

Equipped with flashing lights, sounds and a detachable anchor, this PAW Patrol Sea Patroller rescue vehicle comes with everything you need to sail the high seas.

As captain, you’ll have command of the life ring launcher, as well as the crane. This boat/land vehicle can easily handle rocky roads. Slide the bridge forward and wheels drop down, taking you over any terrain The Sea Patroller can hold up to 2 vehicles, and comes with Ryder’s Rescue ATV.

For extra-tricky missions that require flight, the helipad on the back of the ship is the perfect launching spot for Skye (sold separately). Whether land, sea or air, the PAW Patrol will be there!

RRP : €74.99

Sky Viper Stunt Drone

Speed through the air at up to 32km/h with the Sky Viper Stunt Drone! This awesome drone can perform 8 high performance stunts, including front-flips, back-flips, or a barrel roll to either side at the touch of a button.

The Sky Viper Stunt Drone allows you to fly in three different flight sensitivity modes: Beginner, Advanced and Expert. Beginner mode is more stable, with slower responses, making it ideal for learning flyers. This drone even includes propeller guards to protect your drone during those inevitable training crashes. Advanced mode is more responsive, while Expert mode is great for fliers with a lot more experience, reaching top speeds quickly so you can perform your own acrobatics.

Soar with the all-new flight assist features for auto-take off, hover and land. The Sky Viper Stunt Drone features a modern and edgy green and black colour scheme and is fitted with navigation lights in the form of LEDs. The duraflex airframe is light and durable, with a sleek and futuristic design.

Flying drones requires a certain level of skill. Practice flying in an obstacle-free area, with the drone guardrails attached, and be prepared for the inevitable bump and crash as you learn to fly.

RRP : €69.99

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme

The Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme is the ultimate toy for Batman fans. With extendable wings, multiple projectile launchers, a hidden Batcycle, a voice changer, and real punching fists, your young Super Hero will have a blast defending Gotham City from all sorts of evil Super-Villain attacks!

At over two-feet tall, the Batbot Xtreme towers over the enemies of Gotham City. With the turn of a Power Pad, kids send the robot into battle mode, extending its wings and arms and preparing for action. POW!

Squeeze the triggers on the back of the Batbot to give those bad guys a super-charged, one-two punch!

Turn the Power Pad on the robot’s left shoulder to open the chest to reveal the hidden elevator that will take Batman up to the cockpit, where he can launch a counterattack.

Press the launch buttons on the robot’s shoulders to fire projectiles. Kids can add their unique voice to the Batbot Xtreme with the super cool voice changer.

For even more action- packed fun, turn another Power Pad to reveal the hidden Batcycle. Now your young Super Hero can send Batman racing into battle!

RRP : €108.99

Nerf Modulus Regulator

Build a blaster for any mission with the fully motorised Nerf Modulus Regulator! SwitchFire Technology lets kids choose from 3 firing modes, so you can be ready for any battle.

The Nerf Modulus Regulator is the perfect blaster for missions that require both accuracy and intense blasting action. Flip the switch to choose single-fire mode and launch 1 dart with precision and power at each trigger pull. When it’s time for the real battle, select burst- fire mode to blast several darts with each pull of the trigger, or switch to continuous-fire to launch an uninterrupted stream of darts at your opponents.

RRP : €69.99

Luvabella Doll

This lifelike Luvabella Doll responds affectionately to love, changing her expression just like a real baby.

Luvabella will amaze you with her true-to-life facial expressions and personality! She moves, talks and plays just like a real baby.

Through touch and play she affectionately responds to your love. Cover her eyes for a game of peek-a-boo, tickle her tummy and toes to make her giggle, or place a hand on her chest to gently listen to her heartbeat.

You can even hold her feet to hear her say “mama” and begin to babble!

The more you play with her, the more she’ll talk. Her babble will transform into over 100 clear words and phrases! Caring for Luvabella is fun with her four interactive accessories! Use her spoon to feed her and she’ll chew with delight! If she’s not full, she may ask you for more.

After her meal, help Luvabella learn new animal names and sounds with her Lamby toy! If she gets fussy, all she needs is her soother. When it’s time to go to bed after a big day of play, lull her to sleep with her bottle. Get to know all of Luvabella’s real baby surprises!

RRP : €119.99

LOL Surprise Big Surprise 

L.O.L. Surprise provides the ultimate unboxing experience with the L.O.L. Surprise Big Surprise! Discover 50 never before seen surprises inside with exclusive dolls and accessories!

RRP €72.99

Bush Baby World Dream Tree And Bush Babies

The Dream Tree is a magical place to keep your Bush Baby collection – there is space to hang up to five Pods as your collection grows. It is where the Dreamstar Bush Babies of Bush Baby World live, snuggled up in their Sleepy Pods amongst the branches.

This 60cm x 60cm playset has plenty of space for your Bush Babies to sit as well as an adorable swing seat where they can have fun with their friends.

There’s also a super cute basket lift with turning handles – watch while the adventures unfold! The Dream Tree comes with exclusive Bush Baby Niki and her very own Sleepy Pod! There’s even a light up flower crown so as night-time comes, the fun never ends!

RRP : €53.99

Cozmo By Anki

Cozmo by Anki is a clever little robot with a mind of his own. His unique personality evolves as you hang out with him, so there’s no end to the fun you can have together.

This playful robot is full of personality! Cozmo expresses a wide range of real emotions in response to his environment.

Anki’s innovative and powerful technology lets Cozmo interact with the world around him and make decisions based on his mood.

Cozmo by Anki will nudge you to play and keep you constantly surprised. Play Quick Tap and Power Cube stacking games, unlocking even more games and upgrades as you play together.

All of Cozmo’s functions have been condensed into simple drag and drop blocks that are easy to string together. This simplified programming makes coding Cozmo accessible enough for anyone to enjoy.

Cozmo comes with his own charger and 3 Power Cubes. Accessing the high level robotics functions that bring Cozmo by Anki to life requires a free app and the processing power of your compatible mobile phone/tablet.

You can check device compatibility at anki.com/devices. The Cozmo app is constantly being updated with new features to keep you entertained, so there are always new ways to play.

RRP : €239.99

Our Generation Healthy Paws Vet Clinic

Help pets in need with this fully equipped Our Generation Healthy Paws Vet Clinic.

The playset features a waiting room, exam table and X-ray light box that really lights up. Your doll can play vet, pet owner or both! Includes over 50 accessories to get your furry friend feeling better. Doll, outfit and pets not included.

Fits most 45cm dolls.

RRP : €119.99

Thomas & Friends Super Station

Now kids can imagine and play out adventures with Thomas & Friends using all their engines! This Thomas & Friends Super Station includes 10 Iconic Sodor locations like Tidmouth Sheds, Brendam Docks, Knapford Station and the Search & Rescue Centre, to name a few.

Cranky, Harold and Owen feature as well. It has an all new, special track designed to work with any of your engines, and 4 engines are included in unique scales! Comes with Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Thomas, and his friends Adventures Percy, MINIS James, plastic Harold. There’s also tons of storage for all your engines all over the set!

In all, the set will hold well over 100 engines (sold separately). Multiple configurations allow for layouts that can fit any space in your home. It’s the must-have playset for all Thomas & Friends fans.

RRP : €124.99

Laser X

The ultimate high tech game of tag! Play inside or outdoors, day or night. As you are blasted your receiver vest will gradually change colour. When you hit ten times you’re out!

Complete with voice coach guidance, full colour lighting effects, stereo sound and music, Laser X really is the complete gaming experience.

RRP €54.99